Join the Numbers Game

Dear Friends

I need your help to build a new category on this site. I am looking for numbers. Any number that you would find on a letterbox, a house, or a building. I would like to collect 1000 photos of numbers, ranging from the number ’1′ to the number ’1000′.

All you need is a basic digital camera, such as the one on your mobile phone. Your photo of the number, your name, and the location of the photo will be featured sequentially so that your photo of the number will form part of a slide show.

Here is how it works:

1) Go and take a photo of any home or building ‘number’. The number must be whole, such as 372 or 519. It cannot be 3/72 or 51-9. We need complete numbers so that the slide show is easy to read in sequence, from 1 to 1000. (Higher numbers will be used after we have filled the first 1000.)

2) Make sure that your photo is in focus, and that it shows a number that is not yet featured on this site.

3) You can submit as many numbers as you like. However, only one number will be featured at any one time. For example, you might submit seven photos, showing seven different numbers. But if six of those numbers have already been submitted, then I will only use the one number that is needed to complete the sequence.

4) Each person can only have two photos on the site at any one time. Each photo must be from a different city. For example, if you take a shot of number 7 in New York, and number 413 in Washington, that completes your set, and you cannot have any more shown unless you travel to another country and submit the number 489 in Sydney and 555 in Beirut. This type of scenario will enable you to have four or more photos featured.

5) Even if a number is taken, you can still submit it if you feel that your photo is better than the one used. So if Jane Smith sends a shot of number 999 and you find a better shot in your city, you can challenge Jane by sending in your version. If our editors agree with you, Jane’s photo will be removed, and yours will be used. If both photos of the number 999 are great, then we will mix and match them over time so that both you and Jane will have your photos shown at different parts of the year.

6) The rules are that the photo must be taken by the person submitting it, and copyright must belong to you. And that you grant us permission to use this photo on our site.

7) This category is open to anyone with a camera, no matter their age.

8) The photo must be submitted in jpeg format, in colour. The final crop will be 730 pixels by 548 pixels. We can crop the shot for you, so long as it is clear and in focus after it has been cropped. We would like to see some of the surrounding elements if this helps to make the photo more interesting.

9) No matter how you submit the shot, it will be cropped to a landscape format, so we need to have the space and quality to do this.

10) If you like, you can submit up to ten shots of the same image, and we can select the best one for you.

11) Please send your photos to Numbers AT MarioKPhotography DOT com. You can click here for the link.

12) The photos you submit must NOT have your watermark or your logo on it. You permit me to add my MK watermark on it, not because I will own the copyright, but so that I can help you to protect your photos, while keeping some consistency to this site. If I do not include my MK watermark, we all stand the risk of someone abusing all the images. On the other hand, I do not want your own watermark or logo, so that the slideshow does not become distracting.

General tips

Please note that we are looking for numbers that belong to buildings, homes, units, and land/farm lots. For this reason, the following are examples of photos that will NOT be accepted.