Join the Alphabet Competition

Dear Friends

Each year, I will host the ‘Mario K’ Alphabet Competition, wherein I will showcase 26 photos whose subject matter represents a letter of the English alphabet.

For example, in the three images above (which are only dummy samples), we would select the first image for the letter B for Beetle. The second image might have been submitted as a B for Baby, but that would not work, because the B has already been assigned to the Beetle. So the photographer can decide to submit it as H for Hat. The third image could be M for Money.

You are invited to send as many photos as you like. However, only one photo can be used per photographer, per year. So if we select one of your photos for one of the letters of the alphabet, we will not display any others from you, unless you wish to submit them for the following year.

Photos submitted by you, must be owned by you.

You give me permission to display them on my site. You will retain copyright in the photo. However, you will allow me to place my watermark on the photo so as to offer you some protection.

Please do not submit photos with your own watermark or logo on them, so that the slide show does not become distracting or messy.

Your name will be featured with each photo which must be in landscape, and finally cropped at 730 x 548 pixels at 72 dpi. If you wish to send larger, that is okay. I will crop them and re-size them for you.

Photos may be in colour or in B&W. Photos deemed to be creative or exceptional will be selected by one of my editors, and featured as part of this category.

I look forward to receiving your submissions to Alphabet AT MarioKPhotography DOT com. You can click here for the link.

Click here to see an example of how the Category will appear. Please keep in mind that the samples shown are merely mock-ups just to show you what the category will look like.